"I feel like everyone should know about Beijing Tai Tai... it's the
Eat Pray Love
for mothers." - author Dee White

Monday, 24 November 2014

Crazy for Advent Calendars

Every year, I make a new advent calendar for my kids {who are, incidentally, now aged 14 and nearly 12}. In reality, I probably make them for me--but the contents are still very much for my babies--and they really do love them. Still.

Things are pretty busy in my world {and my family's world! I know you can relate!} and I can't see this letting up any time soon, yet I still love to hand-create certain items at Christmastime, and advents are one of them.

Above is a simple paper bag advent I made some time ago {see it here}--and it costs virtually nothing to create. We loved the way the bags crinkled when little fingers went hunting for treasure.

This year I have some ideas for a new set-up which I'll do a post on in early December, but in the meantime, here are some gorgeous ideas for your own advent calendar. You might even find a new designer or store you love.

Some are tutorials, some you can buy, some are downloads that you can print and put together. I hope they bring you much advent joy, but get cracking--only 7 days to go!

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